Why You Should Invest in a Cabana This Summer

Cabanas are one of the most versatile shading devices on the market and it might take your summer to the next level. Whether your family has a pool in the backyard or not, you’re still going to need some protection from the harsh sun. Here’s why you should consider getting a cabana from Apple Annie today:

Pop-up shelter

Traditional cabanas have three walls made of light fabric. You usually see them poolside because they’re a great way to get a little reprieve from the sun. Bringing a cabana into your backyard is a great way to beat the heat, avoid getting sunburned, and keep on swimming.

It’s customizable

You can also choose from a variety of fabric materials and colors to create a unique outdoor space for your home. You can play with its versatility and match your existing decor or go bold and create something more eye-catching. 

Get creative

You don’t need to have a pool to reap the rewards of cabanas either. Your creativity is the limit! These shelters can transform your patio into a romantic seating area for an at-home date night or a makeshift stage for live music.

Apple Annie is an established awning and outdoor systems provider with over 30 years experience. Let us help you find a cabana that fits your home. Contact us today!