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E-Zip Motorized Shades

Solar Shades 4” E-Zip motorized retractable shades provide a smaller sleek look for spans up to 14′ wide while covering heights of up to 14′ as well. Each component is manufactured to the highest standard to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction while maintaining a competitive price. Solar Shades 4” ELITE housing and hardware is available in 3 standard colors (white, tan, bronze) but can be custom powder coated to meet any color needs for an additional charge. Solar Shades also provides a full line of fabric choices in a variety of colors to match any home’s exterior. Options

  • Wind Sensors
  • Sun Sensors
  • Remote Controls
  • Interior Wall Mount Controls


At Eclipse we have a commitment to provide only the most technically advanced solar solutions. For that reason, we place special importance on research and development. A technical department of dedicated engineers who specialize in solar protection solutions backs Eclipse. It is here where we anticipate the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Technical/Warranty Information

Each Solar Shade motorized shade is made from the finest quality materials and is custom fitted for your home. Click here to view technical specifications and warranty information on our solar shade products.

E-Zip Motorized Shades by Apple Annie