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Eclipse Awnings

The many uses of retractable awnings paint a clear picture as to why so many homeowners decide to invest in them. Not only do retractable awnings shield us from the blazing summer sun, they also reduce blinding glare, provide shelter from the rain, cut energy costs, preserve the interior of your home, and create cozy and comfortable spaces for you and your family to relax.

Features & Benefits

Made to perform to only the highest of standards, our retractable awnings handle the elements around the clock. They are designed to withstand precipitation of all kinds, freezing temperatures, and wind. Click here to learn more about the quality components of Eclipse retractable awnings.

Questions to Ask

What separates our Eclipse Awnings from the rest? We start with quality components made in the USA. What should you know going into an awning purchase?

Awning Accessories

From drop shades to lunar lighting packages, we offer many exciting ways to accessorize your retractable awning. Want to protect your awning from wind damage? Add an automatic wind senor that detects excessive wind shear and retracts your awning, without you even lifting a finger! Click here to read more…

Semi Cassette

The Eclipse SC (semi-cassette) is the latest improvement in retractable awnings. The semi-cassette is a retractable awning system with a modernized, self-protecting design.

Eclipse Retractable Awning Photo Gallery

A photo gallery of awning installations. Includes photos of residential and commercial awning systems as well as our screen systems.