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Solar Shades

Apple Annie offers both interior and exterior solar shades. The most popular solar shades we offer include E-Zip screens. Our exterior solar shades include the elite motorized shades and the titan motorized shades.

Exterior Solar Shades:

E-Zip Motorized Shades

Solar Shades 4” ELITE motorized retractable shades provide a smaller sleek look for spans up to 14′ wide while covering heights of up to 14′ as well.

Titan Motorized Shades

Solar Shades 5.5” TITAN motorized retractable shades provide a heftier look with the ability to cover spans of up to 40′ and heights of 18′.

Interior Solar Shades:

Solar Shades Retractable Interior Shades come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colors. Each one can be custom fitted for your home and installed by our in house professionals.

Technical/Warranty Information

Each Solar Shade motorized shade is made from the finest quality materials and is custom fitted for your home. Click here to view technical specifications and warranty information on our solar shade products.

Interior Shades