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Skylight Awnings

These awnings are designed for combined shading; vertical and horizontal. The guide rails can be adjusted with one or more bends to any angle up to 90 degrees.

The special rail with the gas-filled cylinders inside guarantees the tension of the fabric. The Plus model has reinforced guide rails and is free-standing, which makes this solution perfect for patios.

The units are custom-made to a maximum width of 16’4″ for both the Standard and Plus models and a maximum projection of 16’4″ for the Standard model and 21’4″ for the Plus model (see table below.) A full range of smaller sizes is available – the minimum width is 6’6″ and the minimum projection is 4’9″ for both models.

Width Standard Plus
Max. width 16’4″ 16’4″
Min. width 6’6″ 6’6″
Max. projection 16’4″ 21’4″
Min. projection 4’9″ 4’9″

Check out some of the skylight awnings below!