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Pergola Awnings

Pergola Awning – Ultimate

The integral shading of this unit protects against the sun and, with a fall of at least 10%, the waterproof cloth can also be used in the rain. The extruded aluminum beams provide the typical pergola styling. They are totally weatherproof and guarantee an extremely long life.

The brackets and proven triangular steel back bar allow easy fitting of this unit to wall or ceiling. The integral gas pressure mechanism ensures constant tensioning of the cloth.

The PowerFlex electric motor with thermal protection is part of the standard equipment. With vertical awnings, lighting and a convenient sun/wind controller as optional extras, the pergola provides the ambiance expected of a quality shading system. The fabric cover fully retracts and extends with the included motor.

Pergola Awning – Supreme

This pergola awning is a flexible, extendible weather protection system. A stable aluminum construction with integral laminated safety glass and proven textile shading technology, the unit provides year-round protection against sun, rain and snow.

If the characteristics of the installation location require, the cross-beam gutter can be enhanced by a further horizontal beam offset inwards.

The state-of-the-art electric drive motor can easily be fitted with optional sensors for sun, wind and rain. The fabric cover fully retracts with the included motor.

Other accessories, including vertical shading, radio control and halogen lighting are also available.

Economy Model

This pergola awning is an economy model which is custom-made to a maximum width of 18′ and a maximum projection of 16’4″. A full range of smaller sizes is available.