What Is a Pergola Awning and Should You Install One?

Do you want a shade structure that’s both functional and stylish? Installing a pergola awning could be a great option for you! This structure combines a traditional pergola, an outdoor garden feature with an open lattice as a roof, with a retractable canopy for maximum sun protection. Here are some of the best reasons to install one today:

Shade and privacy

Pergola awnings are a great way to get out of the intense sun during the summer. While traditional pergolas have an open roof, you can also find motorized pergola awnings for more sun protection. With a covered roof, you’ll also be safer from prying eyes than with an open deck. 

Outdoor parties

Pergola awnings are also perfect for entertaining friends and family. Add a few pieces of outdoor furniture and transform the area into the next hangout spot for your friends and family, day or night. Pergola awnings make for an excellent entertainment hub.

Curb appeal and landscaping

A pergola awning is also a great investment for your home. In recent years, pergolas and other outdoor structures have become very popular and they can be installed on a range of budgets.They also offer you the chance to extend your garden area with flowering ivy and other climbing plants! 

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