3 Major Benefits of Retractable Awnings

With the summer months and warmer temperatures right around the corner, people are spending more time outside and in their backyards. Your backyard can become your own private oasis with custom retractable awnings from Apple Annie. Here are 3 benefits you can enjoy when you install a retractable awning today.

Reduces deck temperature 

Overhead sun on a warm day can make the surface of your deck extremely hot. You might not even be able to walk across your deck with bare feet – and neither will your pets. Installing a retractable awning can significantly reduce your deck’s temperature making it much more enjoyable for everyone in your household.

Protects from weather damage

Outdoor furniture needs some TLC every now and then. When your chairs and tables are exposed to sun, rain, or snow over long periods of time, they can become damaged. A retractable awning will help protect your outdoor furniture and increase their longevity.

Decreases cooling bills

Direct sunlight can also heat up your house and make you crank the AC up high during the warmer months. Installing a retractable awning can help shade your house, keep any unwanted sun away, and help reduce the extra costs you might see on your AC bills during the summer. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact Apple Annie’s experienced team and get your custom-made retractable awning today!