Spring for Indoor Solar Shades Before the Cold Weather!

Apple Annie Awnings knows the value of solar shades and advises installing them prior to the cold weather. Many people associate solar shades with the warm weather. However there are many benefits to their use in the colder winter months too. There is a definite benefit to keeping the cold out as well as the warmth in with your solar shades.

Some people think they will get more benefits from passive solar heating with the solar shades off in the wintertime. However, there are less daytime hours in the winter season, it is also usually more overcast, limiting your chances of passive solar heating. Solar shades also create somewhat of a barrier, keeping the cold winter winds off your glass, similar to a storm window, therefore, keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. The warmer you keep the glass, the less convection heat you need to pay to pump through your house will be attracted to the glass areas, thus conserving energy.

Solar shades offer many benefits that can help you save time, money and energy. Solar shades are a type of window treatment that protects the inside of the building. The sunlight’s rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the window, and the solar screens also actively absorb heat from the outside. They can reduce energy costs by 15%. They can reduce glare to improve productivity and comfort. They provide increased privacy while allowing light to pass through. They are offered in select styles with 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials that can have a 20-year life span, generating long-term savings

Apple Annie has been providing awnings and outdoor systems for 30 years. They serve both residential and commercial customers. Personal, customized, in home service is available in Chicago Metro & Northern Illinois, Milwaukee Metro & all of Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Their goal is to help their customers keep their home or business energy efficient. Apple Annie Awnings, an increasingly popular home improvement option, provide style, shade, curb appeal and an even greater benefit – reduced energy costs.