Benefits of Installing Solar Shades

Solar Shades can be a great alternative to the standard window treatments you see today. There are many benefits that make solar shades a good choice for homes that get a lot of direct sunlight. You won’t have to sacrifice your views either. Here’s how:

Lowered energy bills

Direct sunlight hitting the walls and windows of your home can greatly increase the temperatures inside. While turning the AC on high can offer temporary relief, it’s not a long-term solution and can get costly. Installing solar shades can help reduce your energy bills by blocking out any excess sun you don’t want and decrease the temperature inside. 

Protection from UV rays

Furniture and decor placed in front of a window can also fade over time from the sun. Don’t let the harsh UV rays bleach your fabric and artwork! Installing solar shades can help protect your valuables from sun damage. These types of shades will reduce the UV rays coming through and keep your belongings in good shape. 

Maintain your views

Some kinds of blinds or window treatments can reduce your visibility outside by a substantial amount. With solar shades however, you can choose from a range of opacities, which will allow you to see outside and still have coverage from the sun. A higher opacity level will keep more sunlight out of your home.

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