Benefits of Adding a Retractable Awning To Your Home

When you install retractable awnings at your home, you reap numerous benefits at once.

Let’s start with being kind to the environment and also to your savings account.

Studies show that a properly installed awning could save anywhere between 10% to 69% of the electricity used in a home. That means a retractable awning is a smart and inexpensive investment – it increases the value of your home, but also makes your house more stylish and comfortable. Imagine bringing down that summer bill for air conditioning by up to 20%.

Awnings also protect your patio furniture and keep it from fading. Awnings also boost curb appeal and can add a bright splash of color and eye-catching shapes to windows. And they add value to your property by adding more functional space.

Sun shade awnings over your door or entryway offer shade and protection from the rain. Awnings, whether fixed or retractable, turn patios and porches into cool respites. Think about that – you’re protected from not only excess sun but precipitation. Come rain or come shine, you can be enjoying the great outdoors.

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