Are Awnings Better Than Patio Umbrellas?

When the weather is hot, having shading is important to enjoying time outside. Events like barbecues and pool parties always benefit from having adequate solar protection. With awnings and patio umbrellas being the most popular choices for outdoor shading, how can you determine which is best for you. Here are some reasons awnings can be better than patio umbrellas.

Elemental Protection

When it comes to protection from wind, rain, and sun, both awnings and patio umbrellas are suitable options. While patio umbrellas are portable, they can often be damaged at high winds and do not provide as much coverage as an awning. Not only are retractable awning stronger, they also retract at the press of a button when necessary.


Price is a huge determinant when it comes to choosing between an awning and a patio umbrella. While patio umbrellas are cheaper than awnings. Awnings tend to last longer and have the added benefit of saving you money on your cooling bills by reducing your homes indoor temperature.


While both awnings and patio umbrellas are durable, they will go through wear and tear from exposure to the elements over time. With proper maintenance and upkeep, your awning and patio umbrella can last quite a long time. One benefit a retractable awning has is that it can retract by itself to reduce exposure to the elements.

What’s Your Choice?

While both awnings and patio umbrellas are both great choices to protect from the sun, your choice should depend on your needs. If you are looking for adequate protection for a small group, then a patio umbrella will do the trick. However if you are someone who host people regularly and/or have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy, then an awning would be perfect for your purposes. 
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