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3 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home Awning

Adding a fixed or retractable awning to your home can increase its curb appeal and value. But if you’re looking to give you awning an extra touch, decorating it can be a great way to do so! Here are some fun ideas to consider when decorating your awning: Add some plants  Buying a few pots and hanging planters is a great way to make your outdoor space even more beautiful. Adding some flowers will give the area a colorful pop, but make sure you get plants that are shade-tolerant.  Add a porch swing Installing a swing is another great way...

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How to Clean An Awning Made of Sunbrella Fabric

It’s the perfect time to take out your awning, but what if it is dirty? Cleaning your retractable awning made from Sunbrella acrylic fabrics can be easy with these tips. While the awning is on the frame, you can conduct light cleaning. Brush off loose dirt with a soft bristle brush. Hose down fabrics on a monthly basis with clean water, which helps prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more thorough cleaning. Typically, a thorough cleaning of your awning will be needed every two to three years. For tough cleaning jobs to...

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