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Solarium Awnings

These awnings are developed for larger, special shaped or inclined glass roofing or conservatories. The patented tracking system with gas cylinders guarantees a high tensioned fabric.

The guide rails can be moved inwards up to nearly 4 feet, which makes the installation flexible and easy. The Plus model has special guide rails, which extend during the opening process of the awning. This patented technology allows extending the cover beyond the roof line of the conservatory, offering an additional shade.

The units are custom-made to a maximum width of 23″ and a maximum projection of 23″ (see table below.) A full range of smaller sizes is available.

Width Standard Plus
Max. width 2 guide rails 19’8″ 19’8″
Min. width 3 guide rails 23′ 23′
Max. projection 23′ 23′
Min. projection 4’9″ 6’9″

Check out some of our solarium awnings below!